Private Coaching Classes:

Classes available In-Person or over Zoom

MOST POPULAR! The Supermodel Package – $1,499:  This package covers everything taught in the 3 courses below; Foundations Course, Integrations Course, and Full Immersion Course in 10 private sessions, and includes a photo and video shoot with make-up application.


Foundations Course – $499:  This course covers the fundamentals of the business by learning my 4-Step Action Plan to Break into Modeling.  You will learn the basics you need to know to start your journey to becoming a successful model, including finding an agent, self-tape auditions, in-person auditions, signing contracts, getting paid, and more.  In addition, you practice runway walking, posing techniques, make-up application, auditioning, and self-tape training.

Integration Course – $499:  In this class, you begin to integrate everything you learned in the Foundations Course and start mastering the skills of posing, runway, acting, and auditioning by putting them into practice every week.  Students learn make-up tips, including natural and dramatic looks.  Fun exercises and homework assignments are given at every class, including mock auditions for commercials and print jobs.

Full Immersion Course – $499:  It’s time to take everything you have learned and practiced and start taking massive action towards finding an agent and booking professional jobs. In this course, you will be guided through setting up casting accounts so you can submit yourself on projects, getting photos, and submitting yourself to agencies.  You are now ready to spread your wings and fly!

The Boss Package – $499:  Whether or not you have a desire to break into modeling, everyone would like to feel more confident walking into a room and everyone needs a great photo.  With LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, E-mail, etc., you need a photo for your profile which you can be proud of.  With so many photos being taken everywhere you go, you want to know how to pose for the camera and how to look and feel confident wherever you go.  The tools and tricks you will learn in this course will help you in all aspects of your life, including professionally and personally. 4 private sessions, including posing tips, walking tips, and a photo shoot!

Photo Shoot – $299:  Get beautiful pictures to start submitting yourself to modeling agents. The 2-hour photo shoot includes hair, make-up, and styling.  Pictures and videos are taken on an I-Phone and can be used to find an agent, submit yourself on projects, or have fun on social media. It’s a great way to experience your first photo shoot, start building your on-line portfolio, and get seen by Agents and Brands! 

ONE HOUR PRIVATE COACHING – $150: Book a one-hour private call with me and ask me anything you want about the modeling business.

This is an investment in your future. One good paying modeling gig will bring you an immediate return on your investment!

Group Classes:


THE ACCELERATED SUPER MODEL PACKAGE – $1,499:  This package is perfect for people who want to get started right away or want to complete the courses in a short span of time.  This is ideal for students who are coming to Los Angeles just to study modeling.  This course covers the Foundations Course, Integrations Course, and Full Immersion Course in five 2-hour sessions, and includes a photo shoot with make-up application.  Classes are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. 

CATWALK WEDNESDAYS – $399:  This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to walk like a model on the runway.  We meet every Wednesday from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., four 1-hour sessions. 

Winter 2022 – Program for Teens & Tweens

If you are searching for something fun for your Teen or Tween to do, this program is perfect for you! They will learn make-up and fashion tips which are age appropriate. As with all my classes, they will gain confidence and learn skills which will benefit them in all areas of their life now and in the future, including posing techniques and walking the runway.

Call or Text to (424) 398-6333, or e-mail to to sign up or for questions.

4-Week Program:  $399

Dates:  Winter Schedule TBD