My 4-Step Action Plan will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary to start on your path to becoming a model.

Step 1: Learn the Basics

  • Types of Modeling Work
  • Categories within Modeling
  • Runway and posing techniques
  • Auditions: In-Person & Virtual Self-tape and Zoom Auditions & Callbacks
  • Avoiding Red Flags & Pitfalls

Step 2: Tools of the Trade

  • Agents & Managers – what they do & how to get a reputable one
  • Social Media & Casting Accounts
  • Portfolios, Books, Headshots, Reels, & Comp Cards
  • What Minors & Their Parents Need to Know
  • Nutrition & self-care
  • Make-up & Wardrobe

Step 3: Find an Agent & Auditioning

  • What to Expect When you Sign with an Agency
  • The Business Side of Modeling
  • Acting 101
  • Practicing Audition Techniques
  • Creating a Casting Account

Step 4: Work Like a Pro

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of the Business
  • On-set Etiquette
  • Being Professional and and Off Set
  • Getting Paid!
  • Building Relationships and Expanding
  • And most important: HAVING FUN!

Already have an agent but want to work on your craft or feel more confident with self-tape auditions or callbacks? I can help with that too! Call now to schedule a free 15 minute consultation.