My 4-Step Action Plan will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence necessary to start on your path to becoming a model.

Step 1: Learn the Basics

  • Types of Modeling Work
  • Categories within Modeling
  • Runway and posing techniques
  • Auditions: In-Person & Virtual Self-tape and Zoom Auditions & Callbacks
  • Avoiding Red Flags & Pitfalls

Step 2: Tools of the Trade

  • Agents & Managers – what they do & how to get a reputable one
  • Social Media & Casting Accounts
  • Portfolios, Books, Headshots, Reels, & Comp Cards
  • What Minors & Their Parents Need to Know
  • Nutrition & self-care
  • Make-up & Wardrobe

Step 3: Find an Agent & Auditioning

  • What to Expect When you Sign with an Agency
  • The Business Side of Modeling
  • Acting 101
  • Practicing Audition Techniques
  • Creating a Casting Account

Step 4: Work Like a Pro

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of the Business
  • On-set Etiquette
  • Being Professional and and Off Set
  • Getting Paid!
  • Building Relationships and Expanding
  • And most important: HAVING FUN!

Already have an agent but want to work on your craft or feel more confident with self-tape auditions or callbacks? I can help with that too! Call now to schedule a free 10 minute consultation.

Looking for the perfect gift for the aspiring model in your life? Look no further! Be the catalyst to get them started on the path to making their dreams a reality!