Manhattan Model Studio was founded by Diana Gallo, who has been modeling for over 20 years.

Manhattan Model Studio

Where you learn more than just modeling…

Manhattan Model Studio was founded by Diana Gallo, who has been a model for over 20 years.  Diana has appeared on magazine covers, commercials, television shows, movies, music videos, and print catalogs.

Her intention is to share her knowledge of the modeling industry with her students in a safe and nurturing environment and to guide them as they pursue their modeling dreams.  Diana is a professional make-up artist and also a certified yoga instructor who uses yoga and breath work to help her students feel grounded, calm, and confident under any circumstances.   Her ultimate goal is to teach her students life long skills which will carry them through any of their endeavors.

Diana’s husband, Billy Gallo, is the founder and owner of the Manhattan Actor Studio, which is located in Manhattan Beach, Ca. and also houses the Manhattan Model Studio.  Billy has been a working actor for over 40 years and has appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and commercials.  As an acting coach, he has taught countless students how to improve their acting skills and increase their chances of booking the job.  Most importantly, he encourages his students to pursue their dreams while building their self-confidence.

Diana and Billy’s combined talents and knowledge make them experts in the modeling and acting industries.